Pleased to Meet You ’08!

January 4, 2008

wood_hshake.jpgWow! I’m still here! Such a beautiful, grateful feeling to know that purpose still lives large in me…I’ve still got some work to do…and so do you, if you’re reading this….how cool is that?!

Well, let’s see. Oh! Ashe.Selah is now a whopping one year old lol! I remember moving here in December of ’06…why?…oh yeah…cos I could do nothing else but write at the time. My verbal comm was on stuck…life’s pain hit my vocal chords center mass…and that’s when the audacious urge to write a book hit me. Me..the one who hadn’t read a novel since required to do so in college lol. I’m still teaching myself how to read and write, and I’m proud to say that I’ve read five (5) novels since Ashe.Selah launched. Folks, that’s major for someone who didn’t even like books…woo hoo!

Which brings me to a major goal in 2008…Completing the draft of my novel ahhhh! I’m still not sure how realistic this is…but it’s my goal none the less. Just can’t see being this full, carrying and processing this stuff another year. Gotta get it out!! So keep the prayers coming right there *smile*.

I don’t think I’ve been able to shake this gravitation towards butt-nakedness either  lol…actually, I plan to take it to a whole ‘nother level this year. I’ve decided not to be afraid to write and expose the pain (ooohh wee my fingers are itchin’ for the backspace key lol…the novel’s gonna blow the cover on everything anyway…Oh well.). It’s still process, but I wanna be brave, and I know my purpose depends on this transparency…as does someone else’s purpose and healing. So, my writing probably won’t be as enigmatic as ’07, or maybe it will…If you’ve got an ear to hear me, you will hear me….and I need to hear you too….k?

So…ya like the new look? If you’ve been here before, it’s a little darker than my 2007 look, huh? I think it reflects my desire to really dig deep. Journey below the surface. I’m going deep into this womb I’m in, and really prepare for rebirth. See that empty frame up top? It doesn’t yet appear what I will be this year, but I’m convinced…It’s gonna be beautiful!



5 Responses to “Pleased to Meet You ’08!”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    it gets better ‘cos the path of the Christian is as a shining light that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day…and since light can only be appreciated against a backdrop of darkness, i understand the dark theme(i had my fair share last year)….anyways, happy new year and welcome to the year of fulfillment. a toast to ’08’s rebirth for all of us…hows ur dad?

  2. Helen@muisto Says:

    I like the look very much. Well done 🙂

    I was very sorry to read about your Dad – I know what a hard time this means! May you nevertheless receive blessings in the dark hours and feel special parts of friendship.

    Digging deeper – yes, that is for sure one of the secrets for getting along with this life and all its love and happiness and losses and tears…

    May you have a light in all your ways in 2008!

  3. asheselah Says:

    @D: Hey bro…Happy New Year! Indeed, you develop a deeper appreciation for Light in dim places. I’ve got a feeling my night vision will become more keen this year…not that I can see so clearly, but I’ll be trusting soooo blindly….

    @Helen: My dear Helen…Happy New Year to you! Your blog is always enlightening…not only for Spirit growth, but even the journal type posts give me a glimpse of life abroad…which I’m very interested in.

    Thank you both for the thoughts concerning Dad…we are nearing the end of an extraordinary journey, and he’s doing so with honor and dignity.

  4. refinedone Says:

    …as always, it will be beautiful 🙂 Happy 08 Sis!

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