A Great Way to End the Year

December 23, 2007

I received this by e-mail from a friend. Thought it was a beautiful gesture. Gratefully, there’s no stiff air between us. But sometimes, just the thought to check is a sweet gift and shows you care….it’s a warm reminder that we can hinder our progress by not letting go. So, I leave this copy here for me and you…to give and receive…. Forgiveness.

As we end this year, I am personally asking for and giving forgiveness, in whatever thought, word or deed that I may have done anything that may have offended anyone that gets this email. Too many times in our lives, we go on day, week, month and year after year holding on to things that is hindering us from moving on in our lives. I was reading “Your best life now” by Joel Osteen and he was talking about how we hold on onto things that hinders us from Gods best. I don’t know about you but I want the best that God has for me and my family, so I am letting go of all of the whatever’s that has been hindering me.  Things I know and things that I don’t. Therefore, if in reading this it touches your heart and spirit, reach out, ask for, receive and give forgiveness.

It’s all up to you.



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