Loving Turbulence

December 19, 2007

Forgetfulness is not typically a characteristic of mine. Actually, I think I remember too much. But ever since yesterday, been trying to figure out how to get rid of this forgetful bug….will being in these strong winds help?….hmmm…Here’s the rundown of the day.

On time to work IF you leave NOW! Jump in the car….drop off Dad’s laundry. {Sigh} Daddy’s not eating hardly at all…growing weaker… Oops, forgot your cell phone…Back to the house. Try this again. Get to work on time…ride elevator…get to my desk. Oops, left your purse in the car…hubby turn back!! Back down elevator to lobby…get purse…hubby makes fun :P….late for meeting, again (you were close, girl lol). One boss asks about Dad…I lose it a tad…off to the restroom…fix yo face, girl….

Leaving work. Arms filled with planner, books, and such. All the way to the interstate. Oops, forgot purse at the job. Ahhhhhhhh turn back! …..Booooo! Get it together already lol!

Back on the interstate. Car slows. Surely this is not happening now. Pull off the exit. Stop — no use. Transmission is shot. Car won’t move. One-car family…kids outta school in a couple of hours.

At this point, we did what any (in)sane/love couple would do…….CRACKED UP LAUGHIN’!!! There we were broke down on the side of the road cracking jokes…with that “it’s me and you against the world” look in our eyes lol. Our brotherfriend came to pick us up…all he could do is remark…”You guys are so blessed…and so crazy.”

Love grows stronger with turbulence. The hotter the fire, it either gets better, or fizzles out. It’s the rough times that make being together so much fun. I’m so grateful to be going through this season of life with my buddy hubby, being the rock and jokester that he is =)!

But, all jokes aside, he’s right…We need a vacation…. :{


2 Responses to “Loving Turbulence”

  1. Bobby Says:

    What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Keep steppin’, man.

  2. disgodkidd Says:

    your loving inspires me. merry christmas to you and yours. i pray comfort and strength for you concerning your dad.

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