Not So Fast, k?

December 3, 2007

Overnight. Overnight. Overnight.

That’s just about as fast as things are happening with Dad. I cared for him Friday nite. He could walk/shuffle with help. Ate well. Decent movement. Pretty coherent.

Enter 24 hours. Ability to stand – gone. Walking – out of the question. Coherent speech – nada. Good appetite – don’t count on it. Making it to the bathroom in time – huh?  When the hospice nurse paid us a visit by Sunday, and delivered adult diapers….man, I almost lost it. Surely, these evil things are not for MY Daddy (many things can be psychologically draining….reality bending for a person….Changing your parent’s diaper is definitely one of them…I can’t imagine how Pops is feeling.)

Family meetings have been long and tedious…and carry a special weight for me that God’s helping me to bear. Drs. told us the brain tumor was aggressive ….would come back fast. C’mon, not that fast…he hasn’t been back home a month yet. Ahhhhhh!

I guess I’m just nervous…trying to be big sister strong…keep it all together, but needing big Sis. God’s embrace badly. Please, please…..feed me Your grace to swallow whole, and squeeze me just a little tighter…..Tighter.


4 Responses to “Not So Fast, k?”

  1. asheselah Says:

    Take that back…I’m not bearing anything. I’m letting it go!

  2. disgodkidd Says:

    beneath you are His everlasting arms. i pray for more grace for you and your family. i pray for wholeness for your dad. in all these things, you are more than conquerors.

  3. […] days was all I could handle at the moment…make that a day and a half. I felt engorged with Daddy’s condition, and felt like there’s a time coming when I’ll need that detox more than […]

  4. […] Oct. – He’s diagnosed with brain cancer Nov. – We relo him back to ATL to care for him Dec. – Speedy decline, on the front line of caregiving Jan. – We lay him to […]

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