Whatcha Holding On To…

November 30, 2007

…that’s loosing You?

The question fell on me, like a floating blanket that landed right on target. God’s got good aim. And good timing too. This question/adlib snuggled right into the vamp of a new song I’m working on, Nature of Change. I was minding my own business, enjoying the acoustics in the shower — then boom lol! Out of the blue, the words launched me into an unexpected #6. All I could do was thank Him…worship Him…the question shook my Spirit to the core. Not so much what am I holding on to….but this beautiful truth — It is losing.

You see…I’m slipping away. It’s loosing its grip…on me. It wants me, bad, but it will not win. It what? This and that. Doesn’t really matter, because its loss will be so devastating, so thorough, it will find it challenging just to remember my name. Where I live. Thoughtcha had me, huh? My life is hid with Christ in God. Now that’s one unsearchable place to find anybody. So grateful.

My part in this game? As usual lol, let it go. Show up, and watch the Referee at work. Sure, it may say the calls were unfair…that I’ve paid the Referee off (you betcha, with some long, overdue honesty and obedience). But it’s doing its part — losing hahaha..Yay!. My job is to let it lose. No excuses. No pillars of salt.

Hey…You gotta “it” too? A couple lol? Let ’em go, man, and flash your capital “L…. Loo-hoo-zer-her. And so it is. Amen =)!


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