Revolving Door

November 28, 2007

revolvingdoor.jpgSome people are coming in. Some people are going out. That pretty much summed up the scene at the job this week. My colleague asked me, “Did you notice that?…What do you think is going?” We both knew. One by one, co-workers entering the conference room to hear the news. Some have been on the job longer than I have. Some were fairly new. Bottomline, newbie or oldtimer, no one wants to be laid off…especially before the holidays. Boooo!

I remember the feeling…the shock all too well. An emergency conference call in an hour? Hmmm. The telephone was my revolving door six years ago. Actually, me and hubby both lost our jobs….and everything else our bucks bought back then. We had alot of growing up to do, learning that our bucks meant nothing without each other, and that our source is God, not our jobs.

And now, while some are going out — God allows me to come in. Offered a new position (different dept. than the layoffs) with more benefits, pay, freedom, responsibility (uh oh). Wow, I’m sooooo thankful. Could have been me. So glad God chose to walk me into a new chapter in my professional career. And you know what’s funny, this position “restores” me back to my pre-layoff era financially. Another chance to be a better steward over so much given. I’m not the same materialistic me I was 6-7 years ago…I believe I can handle it this time…I’m ready. Ashe.Selah


4 Responses to “Revolving Door”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    i rejoice with you.

  2. fumosh Says:

    Thank God for the good works He is doing for and through you!.
    been loving your blog since first time i visited… now 3,000 hits (congrats oh)
    you havent mentioned ur book in a while, pls remember the “earnest manifestation…” some of us cant wait to read what is coming from such a great blog writer…

  3. asheselah Says:

    @D: Bless u, bro.

    @Funmi: How’ve u been girl?! Been a glad to see your words in my home *smile*!

    I so appreciate your support…I really need it! Pls, pls, pls keep holding me accountable to the book…such a labor of love on an already full plate. But I’ve gotta get it out of me…be a finisher lol. Much love~

  4. rethots Says:

    His ways we cannot fathom, no wonder He is called Ka-bi-o-ko-si (Kabiyesi). Congrats

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