When Those Two Agree

November 19, 2007

Know two people…who are similar, yet opposite…connected, but disconnected… have opposing views on almost everything…if one says ‘right’, the other says ‘left’ lol? Ever meet two people like this? Well, I gotta tell ya, when these two folks get together on the same wavelength, when people like this unite forces, look out! — something special’s about to happen.

This overly simplistic, yet accurate characterization thoroughly describes my parents. They were divorced when I was a wee kiddo. There are many things those two don’t agree about. But I gratefully salute their common love for God…and me lol. One thing’s for sure ’bout these two…when they agree on something, you can take it to the bank…it’s the gospel truth — pick that one, go that way, he’s not the one lol, handle it this or that way…..

Almost one year ago, my Mom spoke the title of my book. She had this moment lol…started talking about something so unrelated to the topic at hand. We both kinda laughed about “where did that come from?”. I didn’t realize it then, but her words were nothing short of prophetic to me. I can’t wait for you to read that scene in the book…you’ll get exactly what I’m talking about…butcha gotta stay tuned for now *smile*.

OK…so, within 48 hours of Dad’s arrival last week, he was in the emergency room suffering from shortness of breath. Four o’clock in the morning, my lil sis and I are rushing Dad into the hospital. This day was also my birthday. During the next 12 hours in the ER, we had an interesting conversation. I was encouraging him to make a mends with some fam members, to embrace peace, and listening to his thoughts on forgiveness and new starts.

Out of the blue….Dad speaks the title of the book!!! OMG, I almost fell out the chair! I had to gather my emotions, and finish listening to his point…well, at least try to…I was stuck on “that” phrase lol. He spoke the phrase in the exact context Mama did a year ago. Crazy beautiful.

Well, if I ever needed confirmation for the book title…a sistah’s got it now lol…without even seeking or asking for a “sign”…on my birthday at that…a birthday that is historic to my development, my existence, my evolution.

Wow, I hear you two…loud and clear *smile*!


3 Responses to “When Those Two Agree”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    interesting…12hrs in ER and you’re so unruffled? i’d probably be pacing my my mind off…may i have your quiet confidence…

    congrats on your confirmation. now out with that book already. hope daddy is ok, now?

  2. asheselah Says:

    Man, a sistah is spent alot of times lol…but God manages to renew my strength…even those short spurts of energy or rest work wonders for the mind and body lol….

    I think one of my greatest joys and honors to come, will be sending my two fave blog cheerleaders an autographed copy of my book. We’ll talk about shipping soon *SMILE*!!

  3. […] can’t), it’s too big for me to birth. Too much. Then I remember sign after sign….big and small confirming this is my […]

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