Welcome Home, Daddy!

November 10, 2007

welcome_bck_daddy.jpgWell, in the course of 3 months, we’ve gone from til next time to welcome back. Daddy is back in the ATL..safe and sound. Hmm…sound. It’s totally amazing how cognitive he is…to have his faculty of mind after brain surgery. No, he’s not the Daddy that left here a few months ago…that Daddy was too debonair for a wheelchair lol…But he’s more of a miracle to us than ever before. (That’s the ATL siblings over there…I’m on the right hee hee).

So get this, we arrive at the airport. The plane’s landing at 7:30pm. Wheelchair and banner? Check. Gate passes? Check, but we had to fight TSA for them…they were only going to give one of us a pass, but made an exception. Going through airport security, I practically had to undress lol….never wear these cute belt buckles to the airport.

So us novice wheelchair operators have to remember to look for elevators to navigate through the airport. But since ‘someone’ (no names, please) took so long at security, we had to hurry to Dad’s gate. He’s a timely man ok. So the three of us are carting this wheelchair on the escalators to save some time lol. We could read the faces of on-lookers…”Umm, the airport does have elevators, ya know lol”

We finally reach the gate…Whew, it’s 7:35pm. One problem — no Daddy. We’re talking a 4 1/2 hour coast-to-coast flight for a special needs passenger…and he’s not there. We found a flight attendant who had a moment to look up his flight info…his plane landed at 7:15pm….Oh lawd, where is he, who’s rolling him around? “If he’s not here, he’s probably already at baggage claim.”

After all that hustling to get to the gate, Dad was already at baggage claim where we started lol. Two siblings and two friends we’d left back there were able to greet him.

OK…I had to see it. After my hugs and squeezes, I had to look at his head (like I knew what to look for). Last I saw him in Cali, he was all bandaged up. He took of his baseball cap for a sec…Wow, you couldn’t even tell they’d gone in there! Everything was smooth except for a small ridge or two. God blessed him with an excellent neurosurgeon.

After the entire ordeal, we celebrated at Dad’s favorite place right now — IHOP!

That evening at the airport held sooooo much emotion for me. Can’t begin to tell you all the trusting God it took to organize and bring him home. Can’t put into words my moments of agonizing numbness through a painted on smile…’they’ came too..had been yearsssss…God’s grace kept survivor together…nuff said.

I’m here…I’ve landed…into the honorable world of caregiving….knowing only AS I go…..


6 Responses to “Welcome Home, Daddy!”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    am happy with you…best wishes to you and your dad.

    “knowing only AS I go…..” hmm…deep, familiar…

  2. Jaycee Says:

    Aww. Such happiness, I thank God for this beautiful welcome. Yeah, u’ve landed…started another journey. But God Who is the beginning and the end, has already seen the end…and all He has to do is to “walk you through it all…”

    Lovely post!!!

  3. refinedOne Says:

    Girl, was thinking about you last nite..said a little prayer.

    Welcome home Dad!!! 🙂

    “He will not leave you nor will He forsake you” says the Lord, not now not ever.

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