November 4, 2007

How are you?
What do you want?
Where are you going?
How do you feel?

I don’t have all the answers…
and that’s OK.
I haven’t found the word
or phrase snug enough
to plug this hole
in my thoughts.
so, out sprays this
syllable in the meantime,
between time and sighs of
relief that bring
exhales of freedumm
while i think.

wisdumm says pause…

inside the pressure builds
circuits armed and ready
neurons firing at will
will they shoot to me the answers
engage my vocal chords and tongue
to convey my feelings clearly?
or just a safe and simple “Umm…”

I want to know the answers
I’m supposed to know and when
living life above the surface
puzzle pieces making sense
still leaving room for the surprises
adventures into the unknown
feels good to let my thoughts unravel
for now…”Umm” is comfortable.

Copyright © 2007 Ashe.Selah. All rights reserved.


5 Responses to “Ummcomfortable”

  1. abiodun Says:

    too poetic in deed!!

  2. disgodkidd Says:

    am wondering why you haven’t updated in a while, so am taking out time to say a prayer for you: Abba, some days are so long that we think we’ll never make it, even though we can see the picture of us in your album holding the trophy…so help Ashe.Selah remember that in all these things she’s more than a conqueror. and help her to float, if swimming is difficult right now. amen.

  3. refinedone Says:

    …Sister-friend I join disgodkidd to say you are in my prayers.

    It is well says the Lord.

    Stay strong.

  4. Jaycee Says:

    About wanting to know the answers, but yet wanting the adventure of life to play out….

    ME TOOOOOO!!!!! Lolllll…

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