Why Not?

October 22, 2007

About a week ago, hubby and I caught 60 Minutes on television. We seldom watch alot of TV and I rarely if ever watch 60 Minutes (always seemed like an older demographic show…my Mama used to watch it faithfully when I was a kid..bored me death lol). But, this particular episode has stuck with me…particularly the segment on Dubai.

Now, call me crazy…but the fate of America 20-50 years from now seems very bleak to me. The bigger they are, the harder they fall? I could easily see another nation owning and ruling our country’s finances, economies, etc. So, when I saw the feature on Dubai, it struck a chord in me. While the kingdom’s beauty, the skyscrapers, booming economy, free healthcare and college, zero taxes — all caught my eye….What caught my heart was the vision and faith of its ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.

I respect anyone fierce enough to be unmovable in the face of impossibilities. His mantra of “Why not?” rocked me. Check out the section on the man-made islands. When the “experts” told him it was impossible to create more coastal lines and sustain skyscrapers and neighborhoods…the Sheikh’s response, “Why not?” He didn’t ask the experts to do what they could do, he asked them to do what they COULDN’T do.

“So, Sheikh Mohammed gave you the land and told you to start building?” Kroft asks.
“He gave us the water,” Sultan Bin Sulayem says. “We have to make the land.”

Hmm…what impossibilities am I facing? What about you? Can we see the skyscrapers emerging from the waters? Those things that others (and definitely ourselves) have told us cannot be done…don’t be silly…get real. Let’s find the courage in our spirit to see and hear beyond the impossibilities. And to that vision that seems unreachable and bigger than you, shrug your shoulders and say with a smile – “Why not?!” Ashe.Selah


5 Responses to “Why Not?”

  1. refinedone Says:

    …just wanted to say Hi ! 🙂
    will be back to read…

  2. refinedone Says:

    Gurl! my Father is the creator of all things…in my walk with Him he has shown me He is the God of the impossible…Why not? is my language and I am embrasing it more each day ( each day new impossiblities raise up).

    How are you ?

  3. asheselah Says:

    Girl..yes..daily…Ur right about that! “Why not?” hasn’t always been my language…but I’m trying to practice it, turn it over and over in my inner being…embrace it as well….

    That last question…is really full…so I’ll just *smile* and create…..”It is well.” luvya =)!

  4. rethots Says:

    A beautiful subject.
    ’tis takes a great deal of faith to ask “Why not?”
    that faith is what we need.

  5. rethots Says:

    A beautiful subject.
    ’tis takes a great deal of faith to ask “Why not?”
    that faith is what we need.

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