Forget the Letter

October 14, 2007

…we’ll tell you right now. She’s in! [Insert big sigh of relief]

I’m so proud of my baby girl…ahem…I mean my little lady. Being 0-2 for two major auditions, the third one was almost effortless. We were expecting to receive a letter early next week, but she did so well in every category – dancing, singing, and acting – they invited me into the audition room to give us the great news. Woo hoo!

Guess who else got an honorable mention lol? Let’s see…how did she put it? “Ma, if you can write a book, I know you can write a 2-3min monologue for me.” To hear the judges laughing in all the right places, I knew she was giving them a great performance (Yes, I had my ear as close to the door as possible LOL!!). For them to ask, “where’d you get that wonderful monologue?”, and for her to answer, “my Mom wrote it for me”…Ahhh!..that was truly a feel good Mama moment for real *smile*!

Boy, that last No almost knocked her out, but she was able to move past it. With this Yes, I can give my pep talks a rest lol. I wonder what I would have said if she got another No…hmmm…I’m sure God would have put words especially for her in my heart. He’s just faithful like that.


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