Enemy Inahme

October 2, 2007

I’ve loved words and numbers since I was a child. For words…creating new syllables, secret languages and code words (beyond Pig Latin lol), mixing letters in my alphabet soup…scooping up obvious meanings that were hidden. You’d be surprised what only children do in their spare time lol….

Enemy Inahme. Pronounced “enemy in-ah-mee”. I first heard this phrase from my former pastor. I think it gels nicely with one of my own personal sayings, “Wherever you go, wherever you are, you will always be there.”

What are you saying, chic? Well, it’s simple. You can’t run or hide from yourself. You can’t run, you can’t hide from the truth that is YOU! At some point(s) in life, you have to look at yourself in the mirror, and DEAL. There is more on the INSIDE of us (our own worse enemy), than there is on the OUTSIDE, or negative external influences.

When I decided on the title for this post, I thought I’d search around the ‘net to see if inahme was a real word to anyone else but me lol. Lo and behold, I found the Native American Lakota Lexicon, which states that inahme means “hide or to hide”. Hmmmm…..Enemy Hiding….. ?

I had a scary dream two days ago, and I’d been praying about how I should interpret it…and should it be interpreted at all. Without going into the horrific details (know the blood of Jesus rescued me at the end), one thing I’ve been sensing about the dream is the enemy in me. Our own will, disobedience, our lusts, pride, a mind not under God’s authority — are all enemies that hurt us…cause us grief…stunt our spiritual growth… blind us to the possibilities He’s made available to us.

So, Father, I open wider…please search me, know me, investigate me….and see if there is any offensive or hurtful way in me…and lead me to the eternal, abundant life You have for me. Ashe.Selah


2 Responses to “Enemy Inahme”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    i can relate with this. my recent battles have been me against myself. and i never fought a tougher battle yet…

  2. asheselah Says:

    Feel ya D….are we our own formidable foe or what?!

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