Let There Be Us

September 30, 2007

Bright ShadowsThere’s nothing like reading the words of the Creator as you sit in the center of creation. Reading God’s word surrounded by the sky, the trees, the sunshine, the grass. And if I am to experience this beauty with others, there’s no better crew than my family. And so it was today at the park. Blankets spread over soft grass for family Bible study. Here we are leaving the park, (l-r) daughter, hubby, son (always a ham – with the peace sign lol), and me. I call this pic Bright Shadows *smile*.park_sunshine.jpg

So, we’re teaching the kids out of Proverbs. Seeds of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom we hope are landing on good soil. Funny how children can come from the same parents, but be totally different. Sometimes it feels like two tulips giving birth to a rose and a daisy. But they are individuals, with their own paths, lessons, and destiny as foreseen by God. Hubby and I are working hard to do our parts. Believe me, hard is actually an understatement.

photo_093007_003.JPGWe were talking recently about parenting, and came to the conclusion…If you have any doubts about committing to a little life for Life, about being second (maybe third) to your needs and wants…Do not become a parent! Borrow your friends’ kids for the weekend, and take ’em back home lol. Volunteer with kid-centered organizations. Because parenting is a 25-8 responsibility! There is no manual for this job, but I must say, when you see the fruit of your labor, when you see them finally getting “it”…..You can’t help but honor the Father.

Let’s be clear, children everywhere are under attack. Spiritually, physically, emotionally. Oh Lord, as you have spoken, “Let there be us…”, please cover our babies. Protect the seeds of goodness we plant from your Word from every scavenger that wishes to steal it, kill it. Guard their gentle buds from every suffocating weed seeking to choke life and purpose out of them. Give them a heart for You, teach them to love Wisdom and seek after Her with all they have. And give us as parents a heart to do the same, so we can be examples worth following, and honor the responsibilities you have chosen us for. And so it is. Amen.


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