I Can Read

September 27, 2007

Ok…this is probably corny…but this is me, and I’m so proud nonetheless. Tonight, I finished my first, ever, ever, ever in life big girl novel (493 pages, Dean Koontz)… Woo hoo!!! Go me!!! No reading assignments. No grades. Under my own free will, I read a huge novel. Took me months, but I finished what I started — that alone can speak volumes in so many areas….

Anywho, so here’s the thought. Since my book is turning into a psychological thriller (ha)… hello!…I just might want to read one or two to get a feel for how it’s done…right. Koontz is an awesome writer…geesh. I really enjoy his break-neck speed. He knows how to keep the pages turning, ya know?

And don’t even get me started with character development. I like how he puts it…”when you give yourself over to whatever talent you have, and you let it work, and you give your characters free will, it does become as if they are independent people from you.” How cool.

Teaching myself how to read and write as I birth my manuscript has been nothing short of extraordinary. I will say this, now and long after I’m published…Life has a way of bringing things out of you, you never knew were there. Class may be in session another year or two — or not. I’m just going with the flow right now. We’ll see. But whenever this particular book journey is complete, I want it to be my best work with all I’ve got at the time…always giving myself the space to grow on.

Who’s got next? I do! Ashe.Selah


2 Responses to “I Can Read”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    “Life has a way of bringing things out of you, you never knew were there.”

    most days, i don’t recognise the man in the mirror. sometimes, am proud of him, other times, i can’t believe the relations.

  2. asheselah Says:

    I feel the same way, D! Gotta bad case of the Body Snatchers LOL! OK..who are you today, girl? Sometimes pleased, respected…othertimes disgusted, ashamed…

    It’s OK to go through our personal extremes, though. Tilting far left and way right. I’m trusting the Father to center me, balance me….I believe He’s loving and patient enough to do just that =)!

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