Oh Whelp!

September 26, 2007

oh_whelp.jpgMan, healing is a trip. Sometimes things come out nice and easy. Sometimes things wreak havoc before the coast is clear.

Last week I was sitting in the bed reading. It had been a loooong weekend, with an uphill battle with my (side of the) family junk. I thought reading with my cup of peppermint tea would help my nerves, so that’s what I did.

Well into the final chapter of a 490+ page book (been studying thrillers for months), I start feeling all itchy and scratchy lol. I look down at my arms, and bumps that resemble mosquito bites are popping up everywhere. I ask hubby, “Bay, did we have ants in the bed or something ?” No. “Is anything flying around biting you?” No.

I went to the bathroom to look at my arms and shoulders in the light….and when I looked in the mirror — Ahhhhhhhhh! I almost fell out. Can you say TWELVE…I counted at least 12 whelps on my face…red splotches, swollen areas… Who is this monster lol?! I had never seen anything like this before. But I know where they came from…Oh yeah…I know.

The mind. Our thoughts. Any dis-ease within us will always show up (eventually) in our bodies. Mental and emotional effects on the body are a given. It’s real, folks. Some of us get headaches, we indulge in “comfort” foods, we sleep, we break out……All beautiful tell-tale signs that our minds are not giving our body the harmony it needs and deserves — to thrive in peace and Love.

So, I took this pic of one side of my face as a reminder. This is your face on pain, girl! Release all of it…let it go!!! And I’m determined to release every drop. The new challenge is how not to lose it when poured at my feet..don’t step in it. I think that weekend I experienced a monsoon LOL! Voices reminding me…the actions …escape the name.

Oh well, God is still faithful. Thank you God for this little tap on the shoulder… whelps were gone within two hours. My choice is still Life…surrender to His process, no matter what or how gross things are that come outta me – yuck lol.

God’s intentions are still one track — His Glory. That’s why I’m still here, and that’s cool with me. There is, however, an anticipation within me. A curiosity. God, who did you have in mind when you chose me to walk through this storm? Who will overcome by the words of my testimony — here and through the book? This is starting to feel like another post…so I’ll end it here, BUT………..I really can’t wait to meet (more of) you =)!


3 Responses to “Oh Whelp!”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    your comfort and willingness underneath His blade amazes me. would that i could be so welcoming…

  2. asheselah Says:

    Ha! It ain’t easy, D…but yeah I’m willing…my health, wholeness — let’s just say His prognosis is in, and my Life depends on His blade. When you wanna live, you do whatever the Great Doc prescribes =)!

  3. […] from your normal flair ups, ‘connect the dots’ break outs, to the dreaded stress whelps. I decided to stop the insanity….doing the same thing, expecting different results — […]

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