I Am She

September 21, 2007

Should come as no surprise. It comes with the territory. Being a writer. Birthing an author. Life seasoned with stolen moments during the day, and late nights with blood-shot eyes working on my manuscript. It’s easy to get caught up in the flow…in the language of fiction writing.

See, our family doesn’t change. We’ll always be a crazy crew. Jokesters! Playful as the day is long. But it had already been a long day. And sistah girl wasn’t in the mood. Don’t mess with my lips when I fall asleep on the sofa…TV watching me (lol)…Stop putting things in my ear to wake me up..ahhhh!!!!…I’m exhausted…chill already!

Hubby had to keep pushing the envelope. Picking the scab until it fell off. There’s something about being ticked off, the other person KNOWS you’re ticked off, and they wanna touch and tickle and tease and…love? Man, that ain’t love lol! You know where every aggravated button is…c’mon stop playin.

You know, I haven’t quite found it yet. An acceptable cooling off time period between pure aggravation and affection. Even after thirteen years of marriage, that magic switch where I can turn off frustration, in an instant, and get right to affection totally eludes me. (If anyone has seen it, please drop me a line lol).

So, apparently, it was taking me too long to “click” (hubby wanted 3 minutes…yeah right lol) , and he asks, “Why can’t I play with you, then get a hug?” You mean, “why can’t I get UNDER your nerves, then flip the script?” Without even thinking, I started to reply — in third person lol!

“Because the other person…..!”. Hold up! Who?! OMG, hubby begins to fall out on the sofa…dying laughing. “Who am I speaking to?…Hello, is this…….?”, calling out characters from my book…and then some names…Joann, Patricia…I don’t even know where they came from. Like we were in a seance receiving messages from the dead. Haahaa! Very funny.

Before I went upstairs, he eventually got that hug…and a smile….Still burned a little, though lol……………

She retired from the grueling evening with a hot shower. There were just about as many holes in the shower drain as in her anger for him. Struggling to contain the corners of her mouth, she couldn’t stay mad. The entire scene was actually pretty funny, from his wisecracks to her offense.

Releasing the moment, she realized — the shortest distance between aggravation and affection is on the road of Laughter. No overnight bag required. And without a single word, they disappeared together, taking the scenic route ’til morning’s dawn.


2 Responses to “I Am She”

  1. refinedone Says:

    Sis…at this time, I would love to have one of those moments-“when aggravation and affection is on the road of laugther”

    My boo is still away 😦

  2. asheselah Says:

    Ah Ro…i feel ya girl. You reminded me of when we were relocating…and hubby left before me and the kids…for MONTHS! I really missed everything then….his aggravation, laughter, and affection.

    Hmmm…lessons in being grateful for the little things…we can see clearly what we have/had when it’s gone….=)

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