Hiding Lions

September 3, 2007

Man, where do I begin with this one. I slept through the beginning. I guess right here’s as good a place as any. Reflecting on the days and weeks before this past weekend. I felt pretty strong. Had a decent grip on things. Flowing through process and all. I could feel virtue applying itself in all the right places. Healing. Wholeness. Until the revelation. A knowing that was timed to His perfection. We’ve been dear friends for years.

Guess it’s just not the kinda stuff you freely talk about. No matter how close you are. How close? Close enough…to fight for our lives in the same lion’s den, and never see each other. Running past each other. Covered in blood. That was you? Girl, I didn’t even recognize you. I’m in total shock…she’s in total shock. Neither one of us knew.

We hid our lions behind our backs. Not knowing…it was the very same lion. The overlay of our scars reveals an identical match. Same jaws. Same claws. But being individuals…we’ve dealt with the injuries differently. No two people cope or heal alike, right?

So, what are we supposed to do with this, God? I’m trying not to question His timing…but, after all these years…did I really need to find this out now? I mean, dag. My plane was starting to coast…I was reaching the desired altitude. Then, this missile hits my left wing. Maybe I feel a setback…I hurt so deeply, so angry, so mad at the lions I must forgive…because the impact is so fresh. One thing I do know…I need a repeat — God is able to break me outta this spiral before I hit the ground.

[My spirit takes the mic] C’mon kid…let non-resistance kick in…flow freely as you wait for the parachute, it’ll open in time…if God chooses to use one…you’re not in a spiral at all…just coasting with His loving hands beneath you…close your eyes and TRUST God…let the process be the process…when or how you’ll get over all this is not your concern or responsibility…….but you will…though none of your senses can sense it… it IS happening right now!]

Inhale. Exhale. Still here………..grateful.


3 Responses to “Hiding Lions”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    wow. your illustrations are so vivid. i see this picture so clearly. how far are we on that book?

  2. asheselah Says:

    It’s on schedule…though I can’t see a release date yet lol…still coming out of me in perfect season…….

    Keep me in check, bro…I appreciate it =)!

  3. refinedone Says:

    Wow! so we have to wait 😦

    Give yourself a date Sis’
    close your eyes and ….( you now the end 😉 )

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