Never Underestimate…

August 29, 2007

…the strength of your dreams. They must be relentlessly pursued.

My dreams are strong. Filled with the power of ten thousand stallions. The courage of an outnumbered army prepared for battle. My dreams are a beautiful force to be reckoned with. They hold enough substance to feed many generations to come. Water for parched souls longing to be drenched with freedom and Love.

My dreams scoff when I simply reply ‘okay’. Is that any way to respond to the great purpose deposited deep within me…before there was me? They demand a resounding YES, I WILL!, and my keen ability to discern when to awake and pursue…and when to be still and listen.

My dreams will not surrender quietly. They will not lie down to be seized at will. They want to be wanted. Chosen. Pursued. Earned. Out of all the people in the world who could Love and Live them, why should it be me? How bad do I want them….as bad as they want me?

So, I will relentlessly pursue my dreams. My passion will propose to their purpose on bended knee. And with consistency, I will yearn for them…my intensity will feed their strength…and mine too. And when we are all fulfilled together, the very moment our unified energy manifests, those places in creation that travailed for our union, will never again have an intimate knowledge of darkness — only the Light that shines from my dreams realized.


4 Responses to “Never Underestimate…”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    sometimes, holding on to dreams is nothing short of divine grace. many times i have wondered how joseph could hold on to his dream for 13 years; or Abe, for 25years. It’s been only 2 years for me, and already am weary.

  2. asheselah Says:

    I feel you D. That’s why I needed to encourage myself with this post.

    Dreams here are the dreams that God has dreamed for me. It’s vastly different from the dreams, goals, and AMBITIONS I have for myself. I say “my” because these dreams were planned for me…I didn’t ask for them…sometimes I embrace them…other times I want to run like a mad woman LOL!

    Whether our own dreams or His…waiting and growing through due process is often the greatest challenge.

  3. Helen Says:

    You have a beautiful way of dealing with language and I loved this post very much (and all more recent ones that I just read). You blog is just amazing, thanks!

  4. asheselah Says:

    As I explore this new passion for writing, Helen, sometimes I wonder…Will anybody “get it…feel it” besides me lol!…so I’m always humbled and encouraged when I connect with those who do.

    I so appreciate your support…thank YOU =)!

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