How Can We Lose When…

August 23, 2007

cheer-3d-lg.jpgJESUS is rooting for us?

And how can I give up when
He’s already said His prayer?
Is there anything a Father
Wouldn’t give a Son He loves?
So, I receive it
My Faith won’t fail me now.
Copyright © 2006.

I remember the morning my spirit heard this song. It was after a long, treacherous night. Most of my music, esp. the 2006 tunes, I simply hear(d). No effort or conjuring up. I’m minding my own business, and it naturally hits me lol. It’s like a radio in my head, and whenever my dial is positioned just right…at the right time…I catch a beautiful song. So cool man.

So, I woke up this morning singing this tune. I sooooo have to record this one for the soundtrack. For me, it reveals a character trait…a persona of Jesus…exposes Him in a way we don’t view Him that often, I think. Sure, some of us know the Jehovah <insert name here> all by heart. Some of us grew up on “doctor in the sick room…lawyer in the courtroom…friend to the friendless” (any holiness chuch amens out there?). But do we ever consider Him simply — our Cheerleader!!?!!

Luke 22:32 is one of my favorite scriptures. Preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the world, Jesus tells Peter how much Satan desires to have him. But it’s the BUT that knocks my socks off lol….”BUT, I have prayed for you”. Ahhhhh! That what? That your FAITH won’t fail!!! Can you imagine the Son of God praying for you? I can…and it moves me so deeply.

Even after this statement, He told Peter straight up…”you’re going to deny me 3 times tonight“. He didn’t pray that Peter wouldn’t deny Him. He didn’t pray that we wouldn’t make a mistake…He didn’t pray that we’d never fall and need to get back up…He didn’t pray that we would never disappoint Him. He knew our times of testing were invaluable lessons for growth. He simply prayed that we would never stop believing and trusting in the Father.

Know today and always…Giving up doesn’t have to be an option…with Jehovah Cheerleader in the stands rooting wildly…as we walk, crawl, cry, go through, throw up lol, grow weary, feel super, fall out, run, run away, come back, deny Him, worship Him — all on this hard course called Life……He earnestly expects His prayers to be answered by a Father who Loves Him….and Loves us too! Ashe.Selah


4 Responses to “How Can We Lose When…”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    LOL. beautiful. oh you are such an inspiration.

  2. refinedone Says:

    Sis, just stopped by to say hey!

    as always, i leaving here UPLIFTED 🙂

  3. asheselah Says:

    @D: Humbled bro…thank you =)!

    @RO:[*doin my RO dance*] Ahhhhh!!!…girl I have missed u so much…it lit up my heart to see your words again lol. I hope all is well…let’s catch up when time permits…Love ya!

  4. […] and I’m coming out regardless!!!…ahhh!…even if I have to crawl. And lately, the greatest Cheerleader in the universe has been rooting buck wild for me…God knows the time and seasons outlined for this […]

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