Wonderful Counselor!

August 21, 2007

There are moments in relationships where we have simply done all we know how to do. We’ve made our case as crystal clear to others as possible, but still come up short. Reconciliation seems impossible. Misunderstandings get worse, not better. Blame and lack of responsibility is rampant. You get to the point where you throw up your hands and say, “God, only you can change their heart and touch their understanding in this situation.”

Well folks, not only is He the King of Mediators for personal relationships, but in business relationships too! After months of issues and drama, my Counselor rescued my business from the fiery furnace.

Remember my business adventure? Since that post, things took a turn for a ‘worse’ I never saw coming. The supplier wouldn’t fix the order to the customer’s liking. The customer was set on blaming me for not ‘catching’ their error. It became useless for me to explain anything anymore. I was a broken record. I’m talking a total circus spinning out of control….so what did I do? I let it spin as long and as fast as it wanted.

Ever been innocent, but couldn’t prove it? Honesty mistaken for a lie? Screaming, but no one wants to listen? [Oooh…Ouch…I know this is a business case, but I can’t help but recount some personal situations that fit this bill too. What say God? You’re able there too? =)]

Though fingers on the left and right were pointing straight at me, I was sitting in the palm of my Counselor. Though the threat of litigation loomed large over me, with expenses for attorneys and travel out of state to the proper jurisdiction, somehow I knew my Wonderful Counselor, the best in the Universe, would take care of the situation for me.

And that’s exactly what He did. He changed the heart of the supplier…to comply with the original order instructions overlooked, and make the customer happy. The same supplier who said there was nothing else to talk about. No lawsuits. No out-of-pocket expenses I don’t have.

I’m so grateful God! Thank You for this Life test in knowing when to let go, when to be quiet, and how to stay humble when innocent. I will apply these principles to personal matters as well….Couldn’t have passed this lesson without You =)!


6 Responses to “Wonderful Counselor!”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    this is a good one. a reminder that sometimes sitting still does everything. congratulations

  2. asheselah Says:

    D, when I read those words @ your blog, so much truth rang out. Not only am I getting use to being still…non-resistance…I’m starting to really like it…=)!

  3. disgodkidd Says:

    i wanted to share this earlier but i was in between work. when i got into the university, there was a certain nationality document i needed to get qualified. i didn’t have it andcouldn’t get it for some reason. yet i was so sure God had given me this admission(in nigeria, getting into the university is all about a miracle). so i kept trying to get the official to sign me in without the doc. he wouldn’t budge. this went on for almost 2 to 3 months. school was in session, i wasn’t regstered, but i kept attending classes. and praying. i didn’t know as much as i know now so i was pretty agitated a lot. but God kept telling me “i got you in already”. yet i wasn’t an official student. finally, i couldn’t take it anymore, and i decided to pack up and go. but just before, i had a strong urge to go to the guy’s office late one midnight, and right infront of his office(the school premises) i poured my heart out to God how much i needed this admission, and how i couldn’t get this doc they needed and how i was so tired of trying, and i was ready to pack up and go, and i was just dumping everything into Gods hands. when i left that night, God said “It’s done”. Three days later, the guy okays me. No document supplied. Nothing. He just signed me in.

  4. asheselah Says:

    Woo hoo!!!!! Go Father!!!!
    Wow, D. That was a miracle right when you needed it. I’m so glad you shared it with us. We have no idea what you were personally going thru at that time, but we can take God’s faithfulness in your testimony and rest our heads…knowing He doesn’t change…He’ll do the same for us, too! Beautiful.

  5. Jaycee Says:

    wow, thank God….

    I also love disgodkidd’s testimony abt the admission…

    I am learning each day that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING impossible with God.

  6. asheselah Says:

    So true, Jaycee!….and I desire to live with that Truth alive in me…=)!

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