And Soundtrack Makes Two

August 1, 2007

When I was pregnant with my daughter…my first child, I remember the look on the doctor’s face as she listened to the swooshing sounds coming from my belly. I wasn’t even showing yet….couldn’t feel a thing in there…and she says, “Well, we need to order an ultrasound….we may have 2 heartbeats!” You’ve gotta be kidding!

They say twins skip a generation in families . My grandma had twins, so her grandchildren would be next in line for multiples. So the doc said. I was so relieved to have just one little life within me…she was already a beautiful surprise *smile*. Now I find myself in a symbolic deja vu…pregnant with dual purpose…the first of its kind.

Along side the manuscript gestating within me is a soundtrack. I call these two my twins. Music that corresponds to a chapter in the book…in a character’s life. I’m a novice in the music studio, and on a keyboard, but God has been enabling me to bring forth songs that are beautiful in my spirit. Songs I wrote through the shadows of death…songs that shielded their face when the bright Light came to me.

This past weekend, my spirit received the title song for the book. Woo hoo!, and I like it alot. I only have the chorus, but those lyrics were Love at first sight. Made me do a SOM #5.

I’ll be posting some music previews here at Ashe.Selah very soon…looking for the right .mp3 player as we speak. Stay tuned…hope u can feel it.


One Response to “And Soundtrack Makes Two”

  1. […] I woke up this morning singing this tune. I sooooo have to record this one for the soundtrack. For me, it reveals a character trait…a persona of Jesus…exposes Him in a way we […]

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