Where Are You With That?

July 30, 2007

images.jpg“Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free, and to realize the prisoner was you.”
~ Corrie Ten Boom

I was absent the day the “shopping” gene was passed out. Shopping gives me the creeps most times. Esp. if I’m asked to go with a shopoholic friend who has the stamina of a horse….going from store to store to store….ahhh! So I had to plan well for a day of shopping with Mom for the kids’ school uniforms. (Kids + Mom) x Shopping = Find a one-stop store lol….and the earlier we start, the earlier we can finish.

Well…Needless to say we all survived the spree. My poor babies must have tried on twenty different sizes/styles. They’re getting so big now…bodies changing, ya know? And with uniforms, you don’t want to buy 5 of something for the week, and it’s the wrong size. I’m averse to returning clothes just about as much as shopping for them.

We make it back to the house, and Mom wants to – uh oh – talk. She tried to speak freely in the car…I tried turning up the radio…no such luck, we were surrounded by inquisitive ears that don’t miss a thing =).

Bags brought in, plopping down on the sofa, “So, what’s on ya mind?” Mom wants to talk about one of my family-forgiveness-life sagas lol. Oh lawd..Here we go. I remember the offense that started this particular topic two years ago. Then, oh…there was nothing to talk about. I was done wrong and dirty, had the proof and scars to show for it. There wasn’t anything else to say.

As I sat there listening to her, I couldn’t help but try to hold back a Celie grin. Thanking God for the transformation (and work in progress) in me. I didn’t feel the animosity I felt so deeply back then. I didn’t feel the pain or embarassment anymore. Wow, only God could change my heart. I was so pleased to be able to tell her in Truth…that I had forgiven all that stuff.

What’s funny is this. Mom always told me, “I don’t want to talk about it on and on….until you forgive (then there’s nothing to talk about).” Huh? I thought that was pretty brutal at the time, but her point was I could play blame and paddleball all day, then pray for God to forgive and bless me — when I was separating a part of myself from God because I wouldn’t forgive. Actually, more than a part. My trespasses would not be forgiven, if I myself didn’t forgive. Ouch! I don’t know about you, but I need His pardon in my life daily..New mercies are the perfect gift for imperfect people.

Hear that, Ms. Corrie? Chains are falling all around me. I hear beautiful vibrations as they crash to the ground. Releasing myself from all pain, offense, hurts, trespasses, violations, broken rules…..And anyone I’ve done the same to….I pray their prison release too, humbly signed with my heartfelt repentance.

I dunno. Maybe I needed to get this out. This post was originally about something else that happened this weekend. Had to change the title and everything lol. Oh well, it is what it’s supposed to be. Loveya!


2 Responses to “Where Are You With That?”

  1. Helen Says:

    Great post and I like the header “Where are you with that?” – I’d say far way to go with many things till I got that lesson learned in full…

    Have a blessed new week!

    Ah, and I just found that you linked me – thanks 🙂

  2. asheselah Says:

    Thx Helen!…your posts always lift me and make me think. Bless U =)!

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