Juggling vs. Paddleball

July 27, 2007

Wrong and blameless. I am both. At the same time. That is my goal.

It’s hard sometimes for my ego to juggle these two balls. Especially with only one hand. The other hand is busy playing paddleball, and the red ball on the end of the string is marked “Justify”. Interesting. How many times can I successfully hit Justify without missing? Is it possible to be the high score in paddleball, and win the prize as the longest juggler? To answer these questions, let’s first look at the object of each game. Each game has its own set of intentions — in light of being human and making mistakes.

Paddleball. If I can keep the ball in motion, if I can come up with enough valid justifications for my actions, I may be able to distract myself and/or others from the real matter at hand. I may have to stop and start over again, but the more I play, the more I keep the attention off my choices and responsibility. Wow, look at her go! Hear how the ball smacks the back of that paddle lol!

Juggling. The wrong ball represents my acceptance of the fact that I made a mistake. It isn’t very heavy. It doesn’t pressure me, or weigh me down. It only symbolizes that I’m human, and sometimes I’ll make a choice to show me what not to chose in the future. This ball makes me smart. The blameless ball used to read “blame”, that is, until I chose to write “less” on it. Now, I can juggle learning from mistakes without pointing the fingers at others. Every finger is busy holding blameless.

Which game do you choose to play? Have you played both too, changing the rules to suit yourself?

The thing about paddleball is this: I can hit the ball with all the strength and precision I can muster, but the ball will always come back where?…to Me. We can justify why we did what we did, who influenced what, and give a million reasons and defense motions. At the end of the day, we made a choice. I made the choice. It can sound kinda unfair depending on the circumstances, but it’s real. It’s truth.

Funny how even the stingiest person in the world doesn’t mind sharing blame.

Well, that’s enough game theory for now lol. Why am I here? I read something yesterday that stripped the covers off me, and I immediately ran for my paddleball lol. I had to stop myself, switch game intentions, and get my juggle on. Intentional practice creates a natural tendency =)!  Ashe. Selah

One Response to “Juggling vs. Paddleball”

  1. […] Huh? I thought that was pretty brutal at the time, but her point was I could play blame and paddleball all day, then pray for God to forgive and bless me — when I was separating a part of myself […]

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