Adventures in the Middle

July 20, 2007

I really do love having my own business. It’s a beautiful blessing that took about ten years of near hits lol. Learning what works and what doesn’t. I dig the freedom, independence, winning clients, making moola on my own terms. But I must say, there are moments when you scratch your head as you catch it from both ends. See, I’m in the middle. A distributor. A dealer, if you will. We don’t manufacture the items. We connect buyers and sellers. Cool, right? Yeah. Most times.

I’ve got an order on the burner right now that’s on straight FIRE! And though I feel the heat, I’m doing my part to stay cool so far. Don’t panic. As if living Life wasn’t enough, God wants glory in my business too? Yes, that about sums it up.

So, here’s how tight the middle can get some times. On the right, we have Mr. Supplier, who did not comply with order terms (which are in writing), and claims new information that was never discussed (written or verbal). On the left, we have Ms. Customer, who in her stated perfection, thought she sent artwork A, but sent artwork B, and now all of her items are printed incorrectly — all 30,000 of them!!! After she realizes the error, all my calls go to vmail which says she’s on “vacation”. Both the Mr. and Ms. want(ed) to blame yours truly, and the Mr. wants to know who’s paying the piper.

Oh well, I’m just gonna wait this one out. Sit back and watch God work yet again. I’ve proven my point to both parties in…check this….meekness lol. There was a time when I would be loud and wrong-spirited, esp. if I thought or knew I was right. I’m not claiming perfection with this, just that it’s in action right now. Feels pretty good, too!

I think I could get used to this non-resistant way of Life. Relinquish control to God and sit back and watch the movie with a bowl of popcorn. We’ll see how this one ends…..=)!


One Response to “Adventures in the Middle”

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