8 Random Things

July 20, 2007

Thx for the tag, Disgodkidd. I think lol. Here are 8 additions to my SOMs.

  1. I would love to graduate from law school one day. Been accepted once, wasn’t time.
  2. I type and print everything I can (letters, notes, etc.) because my handwriting leaves alot to be desired — print or cursive.
  3. I match the color of my undergarments to my outergarments. It’s the little things LOL!
  4. I’ve worn contacts since the 11th grade, glasses since the 1st.
  5. I hear sounds nobody else in the family can hear. All types of white noise (tapping, knocks, vibrations)…gets under my nerves lol. You know what they say when one sense is weak, another is hyper-sensitive.
  6. Anything my hubby eats or drinks, I have to ask for some. I can’t help it…it’s his…it’s sooo good lol (drives him crazy…”Baby, can I eat in peace just once!” uh uh).
  7. When I clean the bathroom, like really clean it, I don’t want anyone to use it for a looooooong time. Can it be clean and sparkly for a minute? Gee wiz!
  8. I’m the only one in the house who can’t roll R’s. Sounds like I’m trying to hawk up a cotton ball stuck in my throat LOL!

Anyone else wanna play? Let me know if you do a post…Bye!


4 Responses to “8 Random Things”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    hey, thanks for doing it. LOL @ no 6.

    @ 7, how long is a long time?

  2. asheselah Says:

    I’d like to get a day LOL!!…but seriously, can I have a few hours? Just don’t walk in while I’m walking out with the Lysol, scrubbers, etc. =)!

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