I Wanna Be Your Lover

July 11, 2007

A fresh, hot shower. Body annointed with essential oils and other types of smell goods. I feel good. Skin nourished with fragrant moisture from top to bottom. Don’t forget the heels. What shall I wear today? I decide to sport some Love…since I Love Love. My “Love” tee with hearts, sun-burst, and flowers – check! My big heart-shaped earrings will go nice with this – check! Not to mention, I rock a heart-shaped tat – check! When I leave the house, I’ll have my novels in my Love bag with the red heart and handles – check! I am a walking, talking billboard of Love….or am I?

In my quest to be His Lover and Yours, here’s a thought: I can cover my entire body with the word “Love” or symbols of Love every day. Make myself attractive visually, fragrantly, and speak beautiful words to myself and others. But if my heart is not clean and pure…free from pride, envy, self-centered thinking. If I don’t embrace and adopt patience, kindness and the totality of who Love is….The energy I spend grooming and adorning my outer man is a gross waste of time. I might as well spend the mornings digging a hole, and at night refill the hole with the dirt.

Prince made these words popular in the late seventies. The Creator makes these words relevant, gives them Life for me to model my existence after. I desire to live Love from the inside out, not just talk about it, or advertise it. God, I am your mixing bowl for the essence of every ingredient for Love. Stir Love within me…seal me…and preserve me, so that I may live Love as You have imparted to me. Ashe.Selah

Today is not a holiday. No Valentine’s Day or anniversary. It’s just 7-11. Funny, seeking the “look” of Love without spiritual transformation is just like shopping at 7-Eleven — we’re barely scratching the surface of the good things available to us. Discover, study, grow in, share, be….Love!


2 Responses to “I Wanna Be Your Lover”

  1. refinedone Says:

    whaow!!! girl that was just b-u-ti-ful!!! 🙂

    ‘rocking the love on the OUTSIDE is sure not worth it if its not bubbling from the INSIDE….

  2. asheselah Says:

    Ooookaay! Just foolishness LOL!!

    I was just gonna e-mail u…tried to go to linkachild and support, but couldn’t work the donate link…holla @ me later Ro!

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