Please Have Some…?

July 5, 2007

I read a blog on myspace yesterday that talked about BIG blessings. How we get all excited, “Wow, all this for me?…Woo hoo, God is good!” The point of the blog was to encourage us not to miss the point. We are to take our blessings, however big or small, and share them with others. Let the gift keep on giving…or as my Dad would say, “We are to perpetuate the blessing” lol. Sharing can cheer a heavy heart, and bring a happy heart even more joy.

I received a whopper of a blessing yesterday…a beautiful thought from my blog sis, Ro (RefinedOne). OMG…I was so moved…It would be a disservice to LOVE to let the story end there *smile*. I want YOU to have some too! I want YOU to be gently reminded of God’s Love and Mercy for you…I want to encourage YOU that if darkness tries to steal your heart away, don’t be afraid…God will never let you go!  He’s the most consistent, unconditional, passionate Lover in the Universe, and you mean too much to Him :-)!



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