Let’s Talk Surgery…

June 29, 2007

How ’bout we don’t, and say we did?!

The fam has nothing but good intentions. And I Love them. I understand they’re concerned about their girl. Heck, I live my health every second of the day, so believe me I understand…and I’m concerned too.

But I also understand that things can, and often do, get worse before they get better. I understand that God heals through surgery. But I also understand that God still heals miraculously. I understand that there are medical breakthroughs and a variety of options for me. But I also understand that I have the option to wait on God. I understand that more damage could occur the longer I wait. But I also understand that God seldom moves in the time we think He should. And sometimes, by the time He shows up, conditions are hopeless.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be called out the grave…shuffling to the grave door wrapped in white linen. I’m just…..can I keep it really real…SCARED TO DEATH of surgery!!! Why?

I had to break it down to my Dad…tell him the whole story from beginning to end. (How in the world did I end up being a statistic is beyond me lol). Basically, I’ve lived through “anesthesia awareness”, where patients under general anesthesia become aware of the surgery, but appear to be unconscious (the whole scene is in the book). Only 0.1-0.2% of surgical patients per year experience awareness.

So to ever ever ever get up on anybody’s operating table again…Man, you’ve got a fight on your hands like trying to steal mama bear’s cub! I hear you fam…tell the doc about your awareness beforehand…yada yada.

Understand this…I just want to stand on Faith right now. I want to continue my holistic regimen. I want to heal divinely, naturally by God. I want to put healthy food in my body, and feed my mind beautiful thoughts. I just want to rest right here for a while. Is that cool? To rest in the arms of the Creator for a sec, and just breathe His breath…let Him resuscitate my health…and grow me in balance of mind, body, and spirit. If surgery’s to happen, I’ll know it…may not like it…but I’m in tune.

For now…just for today…the forecast calls for zero anesthesia….=)!


5 Responses to “Let’s Talk Surgery…”

  1. refinedone Says:

    Hmmm..My Sis’ just for today you rest…Just for today zero anaesthesia…but just for today.

    cos today, we that love you and care about you, even if we have never met…will lift you up before our Father to strengthen you and give you direction.

    Just for today rest dear sister….

    It is well!

    PS: ” And sometimes, by the time He shows up, conditions are hopeless” This I disagree, cos any time HE shows up id never HOPELESS…that is against his nature. He is all HOPE!!!

  2. asheselah Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE sum RO RO RO lol! Girl, thank u so much for the encouragement. My spirit agrees…It IS well!

  3. refinedone Says:

    just poped in to say Hey!

    Well here goes…Hey! 🙂

    Stay strong…

  4. asheselah Says:

    *cheezin* Heyyyy Ro!

  5. […] clearly didn’t get the memo.  I explain to the doc that I don’t do surgeries well, and how wacked out anesthesia awareness is.  She understood, and offered surgery with an epidural to make sure I didn’t feel any […]

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