Say It, Stephen!

June 28, 2007

Traffic or study hall? Decisions decisions. Study hall wins, so I make my way early to summer camp pickup #1, dodging the afternoon rush hour. I’ll park here. Shade from the adjacent tree covers the parking space from head to toe. Nice. Let’s read.

He’s right, you know. When I read these words in the book, Truth flashed me a toothy grin. One tooth missing. It was as if the sentence was written in secret code, and only cracked by those with the decoder ring. Some will zoom right passed it. Not me. Not the missing tooth.

“Writing is not life, but I think that it could be a way back to life.”

Never been a huge Stephen King fan. But if there’s one cat that can teach you a thing or two about writing fiction — he’s got the job on lock.

His sentence encapsulates my Love for and attraction to Writing…Back to Life. Back to the discovery of me. Still beautifully wrapped, just as the Creator intended me to find me. A treasure to behold, under the sole streetlight on Writing Lane.


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