Scenery Switch

June 19, 2007

Sometimes, that’s all it takes. A new outlook. A shift in focus. A focus on shifting…your environment, your surroundings. How ever you slice it, a change in scenery can shock you out of a slump…jump start your progress on a beautiful path…

I had writer’s block for a week and a half. Felt like an eternity…I’m accustomed to working on the book every day. Had to step away and break a sec. I think this particular “hard part” is almost over, though. Remember, I’ve shifted the book to fiction, so I had to go back and lay the groundwork of character development, scenes, plot, etc. What a challenge!

So, what’s up with the scenery shift? Well, I simply changed the look-n-feel of my writing area on the screen. Sorry, not rocket science. Simple. Did the trick. I made a template that resembles a 6×9 novel page, and started writing “into” my book. The words, the scenes, the plot all started to appear on the page, as if I were just reader, not author. How cool!

Same letters, same words I’d stared at for weeks — funny how they came alive when I “saw” them living on a novel page.

Can this same scenery switcheroo work in other areas of life? Could we discover newness and/or revive life pursuits, relationships, self-improvements….just by changing the way we view what we see?

I believe so, and I’ll be on the “lookout” more often for ways to shift my focus for the better. Ashe.Selah


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