Disturbers of Harmony

June 18, 2007

Those notes (people or events) that disrupt the general flow of life’s chosen chord. My C-E-G was doing fine. Until A flat showed up on the scene. Took the flow a whole ‘nother way. But in A flat’s defense, was this the note chosen to reveal to me the beauty of dissonance? Sure, it was unexpected, new, different…but was there value to be recognized? Can I pick the notes apart and appreciate a smaller sum of the whole?

Or is it that dissonance is in itself a form of harmony…not actually “disturbing” anything, but waiting for open ears to really “hear” it…feel it…get it.

God, as I grow, blossom, heal, improve, LIVE…help me to be clear about what I hear. Is it harmony, or a hot mess?! A beautiful dissonant chord to enhance my life’s current theme song…the intro to a new theme song…or are these renegade notes tampering with your harmonious simplicity for me? (Even then, You sing over me…a song that resolves all conflicts.) There’s a time for C-E-G, and a time to freely explore dissonance…what time do You have, Creator? Ashe.Selah

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