Words Get in the Way

June 16, 2007

words get in the way
blocking our view
robbing feelings of focus
and obstructing the justice
of giving each other precisely
what we rightfully have coming to us.

words have their place
but when they crowd our space
emotions cry for freedom
chained behind nouns and prepositions
as we try to assemble the
perfect mix of syllables
letter by letter onto center stage.

K’s arms are raised
waiving down I and the S twins
when we could just begin
to show, not tell
act, not yell
though taste can’t smell
and touch is, well..
my favorite orator,
each sense has its own beautiful language
minus words and phrases
which totally amazes me in that
they say exactly what we were thinking
we receive every signal
without interpreter speaking
and putting words on top of the moment.

feel what i’m saying
or did the words get in the way

Copyright (c) 2007 AsheSelah.com. All rights reserved.


One Response to “Words Get in the Way”

  1. This is beautiful. May I have your permission to post this on my site http://www.duane-francis.com with a link back to yours. I would be honored if you allow me the privilege.

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