June 14, 2007

He thinks he wants to be surprised. He doesn’t like surprises. Why? Because you have to do riight lol…you have to submit to surprises. The stubborn types aren’t usually into heavy submission or being controlled. Matters not. I’ll be home in 30min…You’ve got one hour to get yourself ready, pack a small bag — or it’s the duck tape and hand cuffs (hmmm…that’s another blog altogether lol).

This is how the scene played out today, as Father’s Day came three days early. I practically had to threaten my hubby to get ready for his surprise. I’d been planning and scheming all week, trying to find a 3-hour gap in his schedule…no studio sessions, no music to produce, no artists swinging by…Ahh gotcha! He was totally taken off guard, and taken to my friends at the most soothing spa in town for the Father’s Day Special — massage, body wrap, and facial.

Funny how we think the world won’t survive without us for two, three hours. Though I cracked up when they told me “Girl, he was back there trying to check voicemail messages”, I’m still glad he gotta chance to get away and just be and do him. He’ll always be a hero in my eyes..he’s taken care of me and the kids like a true champion..consistently!…and has been a lifesaver to me in more ways than ten.

I’m grateful for our union and how he’s a real, present, hands-on Dad…cook…grocery shopper…house cleaner…such a rare gem! I’m thankful the kids have something I could never have told them about from experience…growing up WITH their Dad. I don’t take this blessing for granted. Thanks Father God!


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