Call Off the Dogs!

June 10, 2007

…All of them! The St. Bernards on a search and rescue mission. The cute poodle who is totally out of her element…to the humble hound dog in hot pursuit of a scent you created. If you create it, you will search for it. If I create it, I take pleasure in gifting you with it…hmmm.

I started this post months ago, after hearing these very words in my spirit. It’s been sitting here in my drafts ever since pain unearthed a beautiful revelation of me. Beautiful because God is willing to Love me through my transformation, and He feeds me gentleness and grace to sustain me through challenging moments. My eyes have brushed over its title…”oh yeah, I need to get back to that one”, but it remained dormant. Until today. When I caught myself marching the dogs in to resume the search…my scratch and sniff sticker showing signs of gentle abrasions.

I’ve both heard and read that doing the same thing…expecting different results…borders on the insane. What about a different flavor of the same thing…or how ’bout a slight variation of the same thing…You’re probably not this hard-headed, but say it with me anyway, “It all leads to 99 ways to reach the same deadend lol….let it go!”

You were ordered to call off the dogs, girl. The intense searches that take me nowhere fast and leave me frustrated. Is there anything I need…He doesn’t already know about? Like my needs are savvy enough to catch God fulfilling them off guard..ha! Call off the quest….looking for answers to life’s questions in the recesses of my own mind. Save the energy…exploring places unfit to hold the treasures I’m to discover and enjoy……is it here, am I close?…can you say cold…colder…you’re freezing lol!

God, Creator of the whole Universe is in Love with me. His patience unwavering, His guidance impeccable. Everything I need, many of my wants are perfectly aligned with the path chosen for me. I am provided for with nothing but His very the most ideal and favorable time…something my best hounds could never pull off.

Go back to your bones…I was just playin’…Whew, that was a close call =D!


2 Responses to “Call Off the Dogs!”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    if i only i could get this through my greasy skull all the time.

  2. asheselah Says:

    me too, D!…hope i’m building up to MOST of the time….

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