Nothing Brings a Crowd Together…

May 29, 2007

…like the Electric Slide!

People! The weather was nothing short of spectacular this past weekend. Precipitation 0%. Sunny, blue skies. Whispy clouds. The perfect warmth. The only thing I needed was family, a 3-day weekend, and good music…but wait, that is exactly what I got =)!

That time of year again in the city…The Annual Jazz Festival in the park attracts tens of thousands of people every year.

Me, hubby, and the kids were ready, with our tools of the outdoor-concert-trade in tow…chairs, cooler, shrimp fried rice w/ brocoli, bottled water, lotsa fruit…ahh! And to top it all off, that doggone Mike Philly, Karen Briggs, and the band were straight lava!…let me pass out and just cover me with their beautiful music!

Things gotta little crazy when Mike Philly announced the electric slide lol…there were bodies everywhere…slidin to the left…slidin to the right lol. The kids had this look like…”Oh Lord, mom and dad please don’t shame us” lol. Me and hubby’s little section of the festival tore it up…about 20-25 strangers in front of thousands just dancing and laughing together. Some old. Some young. Some tall, short, married, single, gay, straight, drunk, sober lol. At one point in our shuffle, I looked around a split second — everybody was smiling! (It was a surreal moment, you know like life’s camera slowed down and there was no sound.)  Even those sitting in their chairs watching us. Nobody worrying about a bill, what somebody said, what the doctor said…In that moment, Music was our common denominator, and the dance elevated hearts to a happy penthouse suite. People kept trickling into our happy vibes, trying to get on beat to join in. Yeah man…c’mon. So beautiful.

The festival was just the release (and exercise…whew!) I needed. It was a wonderful experience, spent with the immediate family and my brothers and sisters of the human race…


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