Remembering Change

May 23, 2007

Another life. Another time. I thought I had it all together. Organization was the name of the game. But as life would have it, priorities change, and sometimes the basic necessities of living and healing overshadow the need to have all ducks in a row.

I woke up this morning, thinking about all the business calls I had yesterday. People are finding out about my company and services — not only where I advertise, but Google is now sending me new clients. How cool!  I thought to myself, “I really need to get it (back) together.”

One of my old habits that maybe didn’t need to die lol, was the use of planners. I told hubby this morning, “I think I’ll go through some of those old boxes in the garage, and see if I can find my old planner portfolio, and buy some 2007 inserts.” Me and Franklin Covey go wayyy back. I never used to carry a purse. My life was neatly organized and contained in my black zippered planner…calendar, to-do list, address book, plastic compartments for change and bizcards…funny.

As I searched carefully through the dust and spider webs (ya gotta know me and bugs), I found my old planner from 2003. OMG!…what a blast from the past. Old business cards, friends and their (presumably) old phone numbers, notes and thoughts jotted down, directions to the interview (boy, I’m glad I didn’t get that job lol). Skimming these old memories, it was pretty amazing to go back in time for a moment, think about where I was, where I thought my life was going, where relationships were and are now…I miss some ’03 folks badly…even ran across the address/phone of some peeps we’d love to hang with again…but it’ll never happen, now that they’re divorced.

Life changes. People change. Situations change. Relationships, goals, needs, wants — they all change. But there has been this single, consistent thread, carefully woven in and throughout my life. Sometimes a thin, subtle stitch…other times thick and heavy. God — He never changes. His stitch never switches up on me, no matter what I do or where I am. His Love and faithfulness is constant. But so is change, I guess.

One constant versus another — God and Change. OR, do the two work hand in hand. God tells change to jump….change says “how high?”. Whatever the case, I’m destined a winner with my life — and change — in His hands. Ashe.Selah

One Response to “Remembering Change”

  1. abiodun Says:

    Its true. We change as time as season change in our life. The way i reason is nopt the same i did nowadays.
    I can no longer do the things i used to do again when am in my teen. Now one is thinking of how to start a and become a family man.
    But, the fact remains that through all the processes and changes, GOD remains unchanged. he is always there. from the cradle to this present moment. I really know He his always there.

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