His Time to Shine Bright

May 23, 2007

No. It’s really not easy at all. Being her brother. Her little brother. She barely studies and still gets straight A’s. She always knows the answers to my homework. I have to fight and scrape for my measly Cs. She won 1st place in the city Math Fair. Math is my hardest subject. She always gets a starring role in any performance she’s in. I’m usually in the crowd with you guys, clapping frantically in her star light….

Hubby and I have heard these sentiments and more from our son. Me being an only child since 8 (brother is 10 years older) , I would have given anything to have a sister. A true sister…no matter how she shined, just as long as she Loved me. I think hubby can better relate, coming from a family of 5 kids. The pressure and competition between siblings is real, and the issue usually doesn’t surface without exploding emotions and personal tirades. That being the case, let’s see how things play out when the tables turn…..

The elementary school talent show was today. And what a surprise to everyone that our daughter would not be performing. Why? Well for one, she had already starred in the school’s production of The Wiz as Dorothy, and two, we don’t care how well you sing, dance, and act — obedience first, extracurriculars second. We’re not impressed…ya gotta do right.

So, guess who closes out the talent show in a grand finale fashion. My chocolate sweetie pie on his full drumset!! Ahhh! And he was sooo cute too. DW drummer’s t-shirt, drummer’s gloves, camouflage shorts — lil dude was serious about his performance lol. Our daughter played her part well, too — Audience, for a change. “When your brother gets on stage, knocks those sticks, and starts workin’ that beat, you and the other 5th graders support him…clap!….”go..go”…bring the noise!” And she did just that. The crowd rocked, and our son killed the set, all with that serious, “I’m really not doing anything” face lol.

[Gear shift] But this isn’t the only blessing our son has personally received this week. Can you say this entire 3rd grade year has loomed over him (and us), with the teachers’ concerns for him being promoted to the 4th grade. How can an A/B/C student not get promoted to the next grade? It’s called state standardized testing!

With As and Bs on his report card, he missed passing the state test by 2pts. last year in 2nd grade. But a pass wasn’t required for promotion to 3rd grade. 4th grade? That’s another story.

To make a long story short, my baby worked hard all year to bring his Math grade from a “D” for mid-term reports…to a C…another C….and then a B on his last report card!!!! You go boy!. And last, but not least, he passed the week-long standardized test, and will be entering the 4th grade in August. Thank you Jesus! I really give thanks for how God has favored our children….oh so grateful.


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