Invisible Beauty

May 19, 2007

I was over at Austin’s place, and her artwork inspired me to think about this thing…=)!

High cheek bones. Flawless skin that glows. Hazel eyes. “Good” hair (huh?…anyone remember those words?)……Big eyes. Little eyes. White teeth. Red lips. Big hips. Tiny waist. Voluptuous breasts. Thin brows. Bushy brows. Size 14. Size 4.

Timeout!! This sounds like a Dr. Seuss recipe for making Thing 1 and 2 beautiful. Where does the true essence of beauty lie…and which of our senses identifies it the best?

Sure we can “see” all of the above, and some of those things are “beautiful” to someone out here, BUT I believe there’s a beauty beyond the physical…beyond what we can see with our eyes.

It would be easy if we all walked around inside-out LOL. Or with our ingredients proudly displayed down our backs. That’s one thing we can’t do. We can’t open each other up, and take a look around our hearts and souls. We can’t see what’s tucked beneath the heart’s pillow. Or view that “note to self” stuffed in the back of soul’s nightstand. And neither can we physically see delicate Love buds, sprouting in a new heart’s garden.

But can we hear the beauty of the heart? Can we be touched by the total loveliness of another’s soul…one whose face we have never seen, nor whose skin has ever met ours?

Case in point…we blog, we myspace, we facebook…Is it possible that even with “no picture available”….we can FEEL beauty in the words of others? Is it dependent upon how we perceive it…if we call it beautiful, it’s beautiful to us…without seeing the other person, or even knowing their true intent or motive.

I believe we miss beauty all around us everyday….and beauty really wants to be discovered and appreciated…Won’t you find her, in that unsuspecting place, and Love her today? I shall. Ashe.Selah


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