Frank’s Got Next

May 17, 2007

Last month I finished my Caged Bird..Boy, I love that Maya Angelou. Her voice, her style kept my interest all the way through to the end. And yes, it left me wanting more. Isn’t that what every author wants?! A captive audience staring at that final period…like…this is it?…so soon?

Staying my course…doing my personal training…I’ve already started my next memoir class. Guess who’s got next — bestselling-author Frank McCourt. I’ll be knee deep in Angela’s Ashes for a while…

Why Frank, you ask? Simply stated…this man is phenomenal. How is it that a first-time author writes a memoir, wins a Pulitzer Prize, all at the age of 66? First time?! Well, I’m gonna find out lol. Not that it can’t happen to me…Pulitzer Prizes and awards are not on my radar, but still I mark the best of the best….giving my evolution as an author a good running start.

I discovered Frank late last year while researching memoirs and authors. At that time, it was just curiosity…thought he was an interesting person. I didn’t expect to have his book as my constant reading companion.

Frank is a mesmerizing story-teller, who details his impoverished and unbelievably miserable childhood in Ireland and America. From the very first chapter, he hits the readers with family struggles, misfortune, and death. But he doesn’t leave the reader popping Valium lol. That’s what I told my Mom….”I know the truth of my life IS one of overcoming tragedy and trauma (as many others have and do)….but I don’t want to send the reader into a deep depression lol…’Man, I wish I’d never read that book.'” By chapter three, Frank has suffered more tragedy than you can shake a stick at. It’s interesting to study how he relays his sad story, yet I often smile or chuckle as the pages turn.

Can’t wait to gain the insight and knowledge awaiting me with this book…until next study hall

4 Responses to “Frank’s Got Next”

  1. refinedone Says:

    .. sorry sis, but could not finish the book… ( to sad for me) and then hubby made me see the movie… was depressed the whole week…

  2. asheselah Says:

    Ahhhhh! Girl stop LOL…that is too funny…I didn’t even know they made a movie…missed that memo.

    Well, the good news is my life was no where near as miserable as Frank’s…and it’s good for me to see just how worse things could have been….oh so grateful!

  3. Austin Says:

    I’m still working on the book. I go back and forth between Fall To Your Knees and Caged.

    Sadly, I dropped Juneteenth because it bored me to tears. I didn’t get half through it. I was hoping to be able to follow it but I couldn’t. so it sits on my shelf displayed proudly as if I’ve actually read it.

    Even more sad is that I don’t know what Angela’s Ashes is about. I see the cover and it makes me sad. Can we get a review?

  4. asheselah Says:

    Sure A…only about 1/4 into it…but I’ll share my 2cents in a future post… =)!

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