Run Write That!

May 14, 2007

Was that me? You know. The one who said Truth hurts, but it’s got to be told. The one with the daisy in her afro…trotting and skipping through fields of tulips…”c’mon everyone…let’s just embrace Truth…face our Truth” lol. Life has a way of testing every word that comes out of your mouth. Will she eat all of it? Will she pick through it and only eat the sweet parts? Where I am now, though, I actually like that about Life. I am sooo on a path of realness, no more hiding, no more masks…when I face moments like I’ve had today, and stay on the good foot…I know I can speak and write with authority — not about what I’ve heard, but what I know and have lived.

You know, memoir is a tough genre for a first-time author. I really had no idea how challenging this would be. Then again, how would I, when I’ve never been an active book reader to gain that exposure.

Well today, consider me exposed. Exposed to the Truth I pressed for during an impromptu interview with Mom. She dropped by for a brief visit to bring over a dress for my daughter. There we sat on the livingroom sofa, I with pad and pen, absorbing the days of my conception and birth. Not many minutes later, my phone rings with Dad on the other end. Perfect timing? Let’s see…

By the time Mom leaves and Dad hangs up, the keys to a lifetime of family secrets lie on my lap. I’ve learned things today that I never would have dreamed of in a million years. And it’s all Truth. Butt-naked and ugly. Revealing me to me even more, and revealing my family to me.

I sat on the foot of my bed, staring a hole in my lap, and told my hubby everything I had discovered. For a moment there, we both just stared off into space lol. And for the first time on this book journey, I said, “I don’t know if I can write this.” My Truth is hard enough to expose, but how it’s all interrelated with family choices, actions, events….whew! It’s a bit much. As hubby put it, “This is a straight up motion picture! lol….but you’re gonna write it…you can do it…I support you.”

Teach me. Inspire me. Aaargh!! Well God…I felt my first real KICK today. A kick whose impact will have a ripple effect throughout the family. If I ever for one second doubted it before, I know now…I cannot pull this off on my own. I need Your help.

3 Responses to “Run Write That!”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    ha ha. i know this. been there lately. didn’t exactly enjoy the “revealing me to me” thing God pulled on me recently. i so know this feeling. but hey, he enables whom he inspires. i can;t wait to read your book.

  2. asheselah Says:

    Uh oh…looks like I’ve gotta witness lol! Thanx D!…and for reminding me that He is a good steward over His inspiration…HE is ABLE IN me!

  3. abiodun Says:

    nice one asheselah.
    its good to be truthful to one self.
    am waiting to see your memoir

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