Green Mama

May 14, 2007

A gentleman once told me, “Typically, mothers raise their daughters, and love their sons.” Hmmmm….

Picture this. A bright yellow circle. Filled with nurture, affection, patience, caring, kindness, warmth. We’ll call it the Love Circle. Now picture a vivid blue circle. It’s filled with instruction, provision, training, how-to’s, to-do’s, what not to-do’s, cautions. We’ll call this circle the Raising Circle.

Now, overlap the two circles. Closer…closer. There! Right there in that vibrant green that pulls you into itself. That green that pours life and living into your spirit. That’s where I strive to live abundantly and consistently as Mama. I live to exude a green that reflects the beautiful fields of my children’s lives. As with anything really worth pursuing…Kermit the Frog has already told us, “It’s not easy being green!”

But, this Mother’s Day, my husband shared his heart with me, with words I can’t remember being put so simply, yet so eloquently.

“You raise our children in Love!” Ahhh!!! Really?! Lil ‘ole me? You can’t imagine how honored I was to hear these words. Words of moisture and nutrients to my new skin. Having shed layers and layers of self-negativity, impatience with myself because I didn’t know how to do this or that as Mama, guilt over choices or poor judgment made as Mama. Can I grow lol?

A parenting strategy that works well for me is being transparent and real with my kids. You too? Using wisdom (of course), I often expose some of my current/past flaws and shortcomings to them. I let them know, “Mama is not perfect…we all have areas of improvement.” While they appreciate the honest answers, for example “Ma…have you ever said a curse word?”, this transparency may mean more to me than them, right now. It’s not easy being “raised” in an environment of perfection. I vowed to never put that kind of pressure on my kids. So, I’ll keep striving to go “beyond-parenting” [trans-parent], and show myself human. And that pursuing God doesn’t make us perfect, but it will make us humble and grateful, as we grow to maturity.

God, continue to teach me how to Love my children, and express Love to them according to their individual needs and understanding. Give me wisdom on how to raise them in the way they should go, and the things they should know…so that when they’re adults, they won’t stray away from the green stuff. Ashe.Selah


2 Responses to “Green Mama”

  1. Austin Says:

    Now there you go, transparent…not perfect but crossing raising with love to a green field of abundant growth. You go girl!

  2. asheselah Says:

    Girlie…it ain’t easy…but sooo worth my best try =)!

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