O2 on Planet Bubble Bath

May 9, 2007

planetbubblebath.jpgThere are processes within the body that, for me, really needed to be automated… Self-contained functions that I wouldn’t have to put on my to-do list. Ya know? I Love the fact that my heart beats, to my divine rhythm, without me having to tell it to…it’s got that on lock…and that’s so cool. I Love the fact that I don’t have to nudge myself to remember to breathe. The Creator has my collection of breaths under strict management, and while they’re available, I always have one waiting in the wings, ready to act on short notice.

But what I DO have to remind myself…at times…oftentimes…most times to do is….STOP and BREATHE! This is not to be confused with my chest rising and falling right in this moment…remember God’s the steward of those breaths. I’m talking about taking time off this merry-go-round called Life, and becoming One with those cleansing breaths…Breaths that with each inhale fill me with renewed energy, smiles, strength, positivity, beauty…Breaths that with each exhale release stress, toxins, cares, pressures, negativity…

There’s this place I Love to travel to…with I, Myself, and Me…a place where I STOP and BREATHE the best…it’s called Planet Bubble Bath. On this planet, there are no hubbies, children, projects to manage, orders to fill, or computers. It’s just me…my mind, body, and spirit…Oh, and my Treo (in case I get inspired to write…always prepared lol).

Anywho, I hadn’t been there in a while…I’ve needed to go back so desperately….so last night’s visit was more than beautiful. I and Myself filled the atmosphere with candlelight stars…served Me fresh strawberries and blueberries…sparkling fruit juice…one of my favorite nuts, cashews, waited in the background…should the craving arise. By the end of my return flight (I almost slept all the way back), the aromatherapy of sandlewood and rose from BBW overpowered any would-be intruder to my mind’s tranquil state….Ahhhhhh, lovely!

Of course, I had to write about it…not just for the sake of writing, but if you’re anything like me, you need reminders. Between wife, mother, entrepreneur, writer…life happens…at the speed of Light…till I trade in this fast pace for bubbles and candlelight. I’m feelin I’ll run across this post (maybe you too)…months and months from now…and be gently reminded and inspired…to…just… STOP…and…BREATH!

P.S. Yes, that’s a pic of my Planet =)!


2 Responses to “O2 on Planet Bubble Bath”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I sure needed that reminder today. Sometimes I just go like crazy and forget stop and breath. And a bubble bath sure sounds woderful!

  2. asheselah Says:

    Hey there Melanie…thx 4 stopping by!

    Glad to offer this little reminder…Now, I’ll be spot checking ticket stubs to Planet Bubble Bath..so put on your Nike hat and JUST DO IT!…never know when I’ll swing by to check yours lol =)!

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