I Only Called to Place an Order…

May 2, 2007

You know, God has a way of turning a thing into something you never saw coming. Totally turned a corner. Nobody does it better….

My cell/office line rings before 8am this morning. Pretty early for a client call, nevertheless, “Thank you for calling..how may I help you?” Turns out to be a former client from last year, only she and I had never spoken before…our companies worked together [I own a promotional merchandise company].

She begins to inquire about items of interest, order procedures, minimums, and explains that this is not for the client company, but for her….get this…Book launch in the Fall! She’s not even with the company anymore, just so happened to have my contact info. OK…let’s see where this goes….=)

After sharing that I too am writing a book, we begin to share our stories, our testimonies…and before ya know it — I’m holding back tears, trying not to let my voice crack in front of this total stranger/customer…But God is ministering to me and encouraging me through her words…in a way you know it had to be Him.

We talked about our journeys, relationshps…she encouraged me through this season of change…shared her own transitions, and how some people wanted to hold her to her old self…kept bringing up the past…Huh? You sure we haven’t met before….?

Before long, Spirit moves her to pray for me, she decreed beautiful life over me, business, my book birth….I prayed a short prayer for her…couldn’t have been more than 3 sentences [doesn’t take much, right?]…Whatever God gave me to say, it spoke volumes in her spirit….blessed her tremendously.

Now, if all this isn’t enough, she’s also a songwriter, and with raspy morning voice and all, sings this song to me about the “rain coming”. Little did she know, I’m a songwriter too…and working on a song right now about the “raindrops”.

OK…but God’s not finished favoring me yet. The woman is a part of a writing coalition headed by an Essence mag best-selling author here in the city. Can’t wait to attend some of their workshops, enhance my writing skills, and learn from others on and who have completed this book journey.

Before the call ended, we laughed at how a simple business call turned into everything God ordered….”Girl, I really only called to place an order” LOL!!

I am so appreciative of God for using a total stranger to Love and shine on me this morning. It’s unexpected blessings like this that form beautiful, lasting reminders that His thoughts toward us are endless…Ashe.Selah


3 Responses to “I Only Called to Place an Order…”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    hi, i just discovered your blog yesterday and i am getting real blessed reading

  2. asheselah Says:

    How cool, disgodkidd…Welcome!! Know my thoughts are always open over here *smile*…stop by anytime…will do the same =)!

  3. […] from the book (but I can’t), it’s too big for me to birth. Too much. Then I remember sign after sign….big and small telling me this is my […]

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