13 Tests of Love in a Real Marriage

April 29, 2007

There are moments in a marriage when you know, without a doubt, unequivocally, that you are Loved or that you really Love your spouse…

My husband and I are truly human, truly in Love. But there are no fairytales here…no glimpses of perfection…no making this thing look easy. Marriage is work! One of the toughest jobs you’ll ever cherish.

Today is our 13th anniversary!! Woo hoo!! Yeah baby!!. We’ve enjoyed 13 years [dated 3 and a half before we eloped] of good times, rough times, funny times, beautiful times, ugly times, and are STILL learning and growing together in Love.

These are just a few of our Love tests over the years that have tried and refined us…Some are expressions of Love we’ll never forget…most of them we can laugh about now…or they really make us look back and say, “Wow, how did we make it outta that one?”.

Enjoy this little stroll on our memory lane…….You and Me against the world, baby =)!

  1. Love is resisting the urge to throw your spouse out of a moving car after the remark, “You’re just like your mother!”
  2. Love is submitting to your husband, even when you know things aren’t right, just so God can teach both of you valuable life lessons.
  3. Love is doing 70mph in the emergency lane during morning rush hour when your wife is 8cm and ready to push.
  4. Love is the peace and tranquility of the sofa, having endured enough of your spouse’s snoring….(or was it just heavy breathing)
  5. Love is releasing pride and being able to say “I was wrong” or “I’m sorry” — while the other offers true forgiveness.
  6. Love is walking a mile+ at night with 30 grocery bags between us, when we didn’t have a car.
  7. Love is riding around town trying to find a clean, unlocked public restroom, when your pregnant wife has to do the #___.
  8. Love is creatively scraping up bail money when your spouse is falsely arrested and time is ticking.
  9. Love is loosing everything (house, cars, jobs) and, without blame, realizing we have everything if we have each other.
  10. Love is cleaning vomit off the walls and toilet, when your spouse takes wheat grass on an empty stomach.
  11. Love is trying to teach your wife how to swim, even when she almost drowned you both the last time.
  12. Love is being strong and encouraging to your spouse after a 5-car pile up totals the vehicle, back injuries prevent work, and thus the loss of a $350K business contract.
  13. Love is being willing to meet your wife again, after 11 years, as God transforms areas in her life you always prayed for.

Which # hits home with you? Or feel free to share your own Love test.. Love expressions……..

Note: The pic is our “family honor” tatoo…


9 Responses to “13 Tests of Love in a Real Marriage”

  1. refinedone Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    I pray many many more years.. and with each year a growth of Love, Understanding and commitment!! ( and more luvvvvvvvvvv 😉 )

    stay blessed you two…

    ps: I know it’s abit last…

  2. refinedone Says:

    Love is having being told you have failed your diploma and the only person you want to see, talk to and break down before is your spouse.

    Love is driving home from hospital with your first born child ..in a car that the brakes were “iffy” ( cos your just to broke ) but still with the joy that could fly with…

    Love is when your laptop get stolen, your spouse replaces it within a week ( when we had major bills to pay) just to let you know how much he supports what you do…

    …..Ashe, man I really must be loved and in love! thanks for making remember some of these…( now let me go tell him) :).

  3. asheselah Says:

    Ahh RO!..That’s beautiful girl. It is so the little things that make a BIG LOVE difference! Thx 4 sharing ur Love moments and the well wish :~)!

  4. fumosh Says:

    Happy Anniversary,
    dont have me love moments yet cos aint married but from reading this i sure look forward to sharing mine during your 15th anniversary!!!

  5. asheselah Says:

    Thx Funmi…and you will girl! Check this out…#6 took place while we were dating, so I def wish you many Love moments… even before the I DO…[and my 15th] =)!

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