Second Chance To-Do List

April 17, 2007

In life…
a second chance is
that priceless gift
given at the peak of your insolvency.
it eludes your Wish List,
as most times you need it
before you really know it
to be the thing to ask for.

a second chance
at Life
at Love
at Peace within
a time, or two, or three million…
With this gift undeserved, what will I do?

I will
hug harder
cheer louder
give freer
kiss longer
smile brighter
see clearer
laugh happier
do better
eat healthier
think bigger
speak sweeter
open wider
spend wiser
listen closer
forgive faster
play nicer
learn easier
heal steadier
grow stronger
complain fewer
choose smarter
dress cuter
arrive earlier
stand firmer
create greater
delve deeper
sleep sounder
flow surer
limit NEVER
with all of the above
never fewer
always More.

Copyright © 2007. Ashe.Selah. All rights reserved.


2 Responses to “Second Chance To-Do List”

  1. refinedone Says:

    second chance …thank God for that.
    second chance to write a wrong, to get it rigth, to love again or love better and as you said….love stronger.
    l so know what your talking about.

  2. abiodun Says:

    Thank God for second chance.
    There are times mistakes are made and we are given opportunity to correct it.
    It gives room for improvement.
    Thats what Christ did for us.

    Nice write@ ashe.selah…………

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