Customer Needs Assistance in Aisle 8

April 15, 2007

You know…soo many comedic moments can happen at the grocery store. Here I was looking for orange juice, and fell across the lap of laughter…and wallowed there for a moment…

Here’s the recipe for a hearty chuckle at the store…One strong, rugged man, a cell phone, and the aisle for feminine hygeine products LOL!!

OK. So I’m minding my business, picking up juice and meds for my hubby who’s under, and I see this 6’2″, mid-40’s guy on the cell phone about to have a fit. He was so through. Looked like he’d just got off work…still wearing his blue collar threads — and boy was this brother aggravated. He was doing his best to whisper, but I guess his frustrations kept turning up the volume. “I can’t hear you!”….”I said I can’t hear you!” lol. Mind you…it’s raining outside, and I can imagine the woman on the other end not wanting to go out in the elements….trying to explain what she needed…how the package reads, looks… lol.

See, dude didn’t get the memo that cell phone reception in the local Kroger is a little worse than awful. So he kept scanning the shelves, pacing back and forth, scratching his head, and whisper-yelling “I said I can’t hear you!” Super, Medium, Light Days, Stayfree, Always, Playtex, Pantyliners, Wings, Kotex, No Wings, Pads, Tampons, Scented, Unscented…..With mixed emotions, I felt both sorry for him, and was cracking up on the inside LOL! Hey, I’m honest!

As I finally got to the end of the aisle, and out of hearing range, I became so grateful for my hubby, who does the same thing for me, without hesitation. So, to all of you strong, secure men who aren’t afraid of the tampon aisle, I salute you! All jokes aside, we women really do need you in ways you may have never thought about before =)!


2 Responses to “Customer Needs Assistance in Aisle 8”

  1. Refinedone Says:

    WOW! so much to catch up on 🙂
    will have to come back and take it all in slllllllllllllllloooooooooooowwwwly

    Hope you and yours are all fine.

  2. asheselah Says:

    Heyyyyy u! Guess we’re both playing catch up…so good to hear from ya….we’re all good…hope u guys are well likewise…read ya soon =)!

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