A Brush with Ms. Positivity

April 13, 2007

I’m in the hair salon yesterday, sitting in the waiting area while my stylist finished his McD’s. I was early, so I sat there reading, or rather, listening to my “Caged Bird Sing” by Maya Angelou. [About a quarter of an inch left and I’m done…my second, non-teacher- assigned novel under my belt..lol]

Shortly into a new chapter, a lady, probably in her late 40’s, sits down next to me. We exchange smiles, and I guess she noticed the book and said, “Oh, I’ve read that one about four times now.” This sparks a very cordial conversation. I explained how this was my first read…had never seen the movie..yada yada. She explained how she has four Maya Angelou classics on her shelf…how much her daughter at FAMU loves Maya…yada yada.

I didn’t mention I was writing a book, though I wanted to. Sometimes you don’t have to go into all that detail, right? Out of the blue, she says to me, “Imagine how wonderful it’s going to be when you meet Maya Angelou.” I think for a split second or two, I actually imagined meeting her, and felt the corners of my mouth heading north lol. Maya Angelou is such an awesome writer, she can bring a story to life with words that reach out and grab you. I’m learning so much from this one book…AND my Webster’s dictionary, used when she turns down a street in my vocabulary — and there are no houses or signage *smile*.

I smiled and replied, “Wow, that would be wonderful!” “Well, baby, you’ve got to speak positive, speak those things into being what you want. I’m such a positive person, I have to be careful what I say.” “Yeah, it may happen, right?”, I interject. “No, I KNOW it will happen!”, she says firmly.

While speaking positive in and of itself is not a new concept, having God confirm or ditto what I’ve been purposefully learning, writing songs and blogs about it…Man, that was pretty cool for a complete stranger to mirror me…say back at me what has been in my spirit…even while I’m learning to mature in it.

Our interchange lasted all of 2 minutes. But you better believe, when I meet Maya Angelou….boy, do I have a story to share with her =)!


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