Bloom! Where You’re Planted

April 9, 2007

I was hipped to this saying my final year in college. I think it was HR Development or something to that effect. But as I watched the in-class video of a Senior VP describing how to flourish in any job you’re on, the saying began to resonate in me, not only for my career, but for my life in general.

Everyday is a “blooming” journey. Getting closer to achieving or learninng how to operate in purpose. Everyday is a new day to realize or visualize destiny. We’re always developing. Always growing. Moment by moment…change is happening. Will I embrace change…growth…learning? Am I really ready to Bloom!? In my search for answers deep within…here’s what I found…

When He introduced Himself as Potter, I figured He would use His hands to shape me. Sculpt me. As I danced privately for Him upon the wheel. Or in the fire one. He does….and I do.

Funny, how often those same hands, with soil-filled nails, gently uproot me. Re-pot me. Displace me from the familiar right when I’m settling in. Life bursting with environmental and atmospheric changes. But the mission remains the same…Bloom! where you’re planted.

Sunshine today for my lower, yellow leaves. Rain tomorrow to drench my exposed roots. He’s fond of that quaint spot near hell’s door, but promises my petals won’t scorch. He favors a crisp arctic wind every now and again. Or simply the front porch of someone who needs to feel my beauty.

To be honest, I must admit it. I have had objections to His site selections. You too? And to signal my juvenile displeasure, I’d fold my leaves and petals at my leisure. I’d squeeze the opening of my roots with a Kung-Fu grip, tight as a child’s lips, rejecting the very medicine that will cure what ails them. Only to find in the end — Resistance is futile. The hearty goodness and nutrition I so desperately need lies within the soil below. The miracle food to sustain me for the next relo, test, or place of lessons.

So, I choose now to trust His judgment, and simply be His beautiful flower. That’s my one job. No more moonlighting as His gardening advisor. Flowers don’t gripe about where they grow. They just do. That’s all they know how to do — Bloom! And being under the care of the Most High Loving Potter, I’ve got the best seat in the Universe…no matter what the fertilizer smells like =).

With this sweet surrender, Bloom! will always find me, and reveal in me His splendor…in perfect season.  Ashe.Selah


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