15 Seconds of Fame

March 26, 2007

I’m so proud of my hubby. I count it an honor to be by his side as the Light of day shines on his dreams for music. As an artist, he’s been waiting in the wings for a million minutes. Music is what attracted us to each other…we’re both musicians, songwriters, singers….God has blessed the house with free-flowing, creative juices…even greater in the kiddos.

In preparation for his CD launch this year, a radio/filmaking duo from London came to the house to interview him. Go baby..woo hoo! I was all decked out in my best cheerleader uniform (figuratively speaking)…tryna be the supportive wife and hostess…when somehow their visit switched gears…took a different turn…”We want you to be a part of our documentary…Oh, and we need you and your music for the interview too”. What? Who?

You know, it’s really crazy sometimes how energies between people can click so well so fast. We were all kindred spirits from the start. While the guys did their thing in the studio, the woman and I had a chance to talk…and talk we did. What a beautiful spirit she is! As I made dinner for the kids, we talked about life, her travels, her play, our poetry and book birthing, inspired and encouraged each other…Talked about how wonderful God is and the purpose(s) He’s revealing in us. Only about 10 years my senior, it’s funny how lives can mirror each other, without regard for age, race, sex, culture…Humanity is One!

With dinner wrapped up, it was time for me and the documentary. The duo is traveling around the world….simply asking life questions of people from different countries…love, being human, society, global issues…Next stop D.C., Philly…then Malaysia, Nigeria, Paris…on and on…how cool is that? [*sidebar* I did make a futile attempt to decline. How could I get them to understand..I’m still tryna get used to me…people? ..film? …radio? …Man, my voice is straight out the box new…I’m still learning how to be verbal…guess that’s why I write so much lol. Her smile kept saying, “I hear you, girl”…as they gratefully instructed where I should stand and such lol. Guess the only way to learn to walk is to get on those feet and get to steppin’ *end sidebar*]. My questions went remarkably well…I even made sense a few times lol…I was very proud of myself (this was monumental for me)…and oh so relieved when it was over. We’ll see how much editing my slot endures when it’s released =).

The next day, they came back to the house for the live radio show taping. We all had a ball being relaxed and just talking. Hubby received some excellent exposure for his album (played about 3 cuts), and I got (an out of the blue) a chance to sing live and have one of my songs played…on the radio in London?!…who woulda ever thunk it lol!

As I stick with you God…my eyes, ears, mind, and heart are wide open to wherever you want to take me…and You know how much I love to travel ha ha!

3 Responses to “15 Seconds of Fame”

  1. refinedone Says:

    Humanilty is one…(I like that) might have to blog about it…

    My dear, one thing have found out with God is the thing we are most afraid of is the exact thing He wants o bless….Now I know why “perfect love cast out fear”
    ….the is not as exciting and empowering (even if at the time you did not feel that) as having a “walk on the water moment” with God!

  2. asheselah Says:

    Girl..we are…in more ways than we realize..One!

    Isn’t that the truth about God our Father?! So what are you saying…if it were easy, it wouldn’t be a lesson lol? He is so strategic in His development of His children. I’m so learning how to surrender to the fact that He is smarter than me and knows exactly what I need and don’t need =)!

    Now, here’s a future blog for me…”perfect love”. Wow. Does Love need the qualifier of “perfect”?…Is it OUR love that could be less than perfect? Gonna chew on that one…keep ya posted.

  3. […] SHOW SEASON in our house again. Nope, not hubby this go ’round. Our singing, acting, and dancing daughter has eleven shows downtown. Tonight was show […]

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