A Note for Giveness

March 22, 2007

Dearest Giveness,

How are you? It’s me again!…as promised. I’m back in your space, in your home for some us time. Isn’t that something? Yes, I have grown. I remembered my way here turn for turn. You didn’t have to come looking for me, and I didn’t need an invitation. We’re family now, and it warms my heart to be able to sit at your feet again.

Yes, I’m needing you near me in this moment. And as the precious Gift from God you are, I know He’s already saturated you with what I need for this visit. [Inhale…Exhale] Whatcha cookin’? The beautiful aroma from your kitchen says it all. As I consume your goodness, I release everything I thought I needed…everything I thought needed me…those things that were (and still are) so sacred to me…every hurtful contradiction — “It’s OK”, you whisper, as I blow, then sip. Scrumptious. I am slowly beginning to understand. This Love and tenderness tastes much sweeter in my mouth.

Yes, please massage the chambers of my heart. Help it to beat strong and move on…through every ache’s doorway..into the newness that awaits me. Protect my womb, my emotional center from this discomfort. She’s very fragile, but I affirm my willingness and ability to release the what, whys, whens, and hows….these questions may never be answered. And…”It’s OK.”

Hey Giveness. Could you be any more lovely than you are right now? Any more “giving” to me and for me? The treasures you’re filling me with this hour will edify generations to come. I promise to share You…never again will I hoard You. I do understand, though, that I must practice and apply you to myself first…Put on my oxygen mask at once. I am grateful, Giveness…thank you for escorting me closer to my higher self. The one I caught a glimpse of when I passed the hallway mirror. She is gorgeously outfitted in fingerprints of Divinity…beauty revealed in me during this visit of letting go.

..and I shall, Giveness….I shall. Ashe.Selah

One Response to “A Note for Giveness”

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